blood / gorE DESIGN 


Brent Ervin-Eickhoff, 
Picture this Post

"Between Jon Beal’s impressive violence and gore design and the stellar work of Mark Comiskey (who created the projection design), this play delivers at a level similar to those beloved slashers of the 80s."

Nancy Bishop,

Third Coast Review

"And Jon Beal’s violence and gore is a essential part of the vivid environment that director Stalling and scene designer Arnel Sancianco create for Hookman."

Chris Jones, Chicago Tribune

"And there are some highly inventive visual scares, which is difficult to pull off in a theater like the Mercury.The special effects (by Jon Beal) are great."

Adelaide Lee, 

Theater Mania

Beal's work hits the sweet spot between kitschy and genuinely shocking. 

Allan Bresloff,
Around Town Chicago

" When doing something as creative as bringing a monster to a small stage, one needs a specialist to create the violence and gore design. Many people did not even know that such a theater position even existed. It does, and Jon Beal handles it with a great touch."


TimeLine Theatre
Winter 2018-2019

Evil Dead: The Musical

Black Button Eyes Productions
Winter 2018


Mercury Theater
Dir. Sean Graney
Fall 2017

"guru of gore"

Live Blood & Gore Demo on Windy City Live


Steep Theater
Dir. Vanessa Stallings
Spring 2017

all our tragic

The Hypocrites
Dir. Sean Graney


Jon works with BloodJam a LOT, and sat down with BloodJam Creators to talk about Blood Design

Duchess of malfi

Trap Door Theatre
Dir. Christopher Marino

blueberry toast

Tympanic Theatre Company
Dir. Michael Carnow

Stage Combat & blood / gore workshop

Washington & Lee University

stage Combat & blood / gore workshop

Blue Valley West High School



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